Leak Detection's

We will use high tech equipment to find your leak or leaks

Leak Repairs

After the test you will be quoted separately for the actual repair and you are free to proceed with us or hire another professional in the pool industry


pool tiles
pool decks
drive ways
pool repairs

pool coping
pool walk ways
pool patios
new pool finish

10 Year Manufacture Warranty
On Diamond Brite* ( Only Residential Pools )



all types of valves and plumbing tuberism - change



all types of pump installations and motors


all types of filters

Salt Systems

all types of salt system installations according to the amount of water in your pool


Pressure Testing

Pressure testing equipment establishes the foundation to our leak detection equipment arsenal. It is crucial for two important steps in the leak detection process: First 'to deter mine if a section of plumbing is or is not leaking, and secondly, to assist in pinpointing the exact location of the leak if one is identified.

Gathering Information and Evidence

Through conversations with the pool owner and observations of the pool,confirm that the leak symptom being observed is indeed the result of a leak.A "Bucket Test" can be performed to determine how much of the observed water loss is due to evaporation and how much is due to a leak. Other tests such as the "Pump On/Pump Off Test" will provide a useful base of information that will be helpful as you continue the leak detection process.

Pinpointing Plumbing Leaks

If a leaking section of plumbing is identified, add a constant flow of air from a regulated air source into the line. As this air escapes into water saturated soil it will make a distinctive bubbling sound that can be pinpointed through the pool deck or soil with an electronic listening device. In most cases this process will enable the location of hidden underground leaks so that repairs can be made with minimal excavation.


Electronic Devices

No one offers a complete selection of specialized instruments designed to help you find leaks efficiently and professionally as we do. With our equipment you can be sure that spe cific requirements to the pool industry have been considered.

Diving Equipment

Eventually getting into the pool is inevitable. Our "Super-Snorkle" Tankless Dive System allows you to do so efficiently without the hassles of lugging around or refilling heavytanks.


Swimming Pool Leak Specialist was established in 2002 and has since been providing the best customer experience for the Greater South Florida areas including but not limited to Monroe, Dade Broward and Palm Beach. We utilize the most modern methods of leak detection and repair and can do underwater inspection and repair, saving the considerable cost of draining and refilling an in-ground pool. We are fully licensed and carry all necessary insurances.

Our services include

  • Detection of leaks in in-ground pools and spas using the most modern methods.
  • Charge by the job not by the hour.
  • Pressure testing of underground plumbing.
  • Electronic listening technology capable of locating your underground plumbing leaks
  • Full repair of piping to include concrete cutting and replacement.
  • Replacement of skimmers.
  • Repairs can be made underwater without draining the pool.
  • Fully Equipped Diving Gear and Super-Snorkle Tankless Dive System - Advanced Electronic Devices
  • Pressure Testing and Pinpointing Plumbing Leaks
  • We Design We Build New Pools

Cautions: Keep the pool or spa area secure against children and pets during this test.

With our electronic leak detection modern methods we will find the exact source of the leak quickly, accurately and in the most cost effective manner.
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