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We Test - Identify and Repair Your Swimming Pool Leak

Here at The Swimming Pool Leak Specialist ...
We specialize in determining how to find and repair swimming pool leaks.Above all else, our company values open communication with our clients throughout our explanation process. We are Professionals with over 15 Years Experience. In addition, We Guarantee Our Work !

Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Repair Service

A leaking pool can be a very stressful situation- one that wastes large amounts of both water, and the homeowner’s time and money. A small leak in your pool of just ¼” can lose 100 gallons of water/day or more. Over time, small leaks can lead to much larger ones. Finding and repairing pool leaks as soon as they have been noticed is very important to maintaining the integrity of your swimming pool or spa.

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At The Swimming Pool Leak Specialist we are able to find difficult swimming pool leaks through our rigorous Leak Detection process. Its a Straight Forward 3 Step Process We Test - We Identify - We Repair

Some leaks that are structural in nature, we are able to repair the same day, and whenever possible we offer our clients multiple options on how they may proceed with the repairs that are needed.

At the completion of our Leak Detection Service, you will receive a highly detailed Leak Detection Report, outlining the exact condition of your swimming pool. We offer residential and commercial services, as well as Swimming Pool Inspections Pre and Post Closing. Please contact us today so that we can find and fix your leak

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Oscar - Thank You So Much ! It wasn'tcheap but i had this leak for over 10 years and different companies came and took my money with no results. you came with your crew and you did it." now my pool holds the water perfectly and my family is enjoying the pool. thanks again

Robert Tendor

Soy mama y jefa de familia no se nada de piscinas pense que tenia un leak pero tu me aclaraste que solo era evaporacion el costo de la evaluacion - el test valio la pena.

Silvana Gutierrez

Oscar - thanks for the 3-d dolphin tile you installed at the bottom of my pool the complete renovation. 100% satisfied with you quality of work.over the top. i will highly recommend you

Kevin Stone

Yo conosco a Oscar desde ccuando comenzo ... ( o - has an acent *) sin duda el dia que tuve que renovar mi pisina a ojos cerados lo puse en sus manos agradesco su punctualidad, responsabilidad, dedicacion y empeno en su trabajo. estoy orgullosa de acompaniarte en esta aventura que se que tanto te agrada Gracias

Wang Jen